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Mar. 17th, 2009


Lotus tile

Hi gang. I've been insanely busy in the studio and with life in general and regret not making the time to hang out here more. My online socializing is mostly done on Facebook nowadays, look me up over there if you haven't already. I'll keep this going and try and post when I can. Please feel free to contribute your own creations and favorites as well.

Here is a new tile from my upcoming kitchen and bath collection:


Hand-cast bronze with patina. (4 1/4" x 4 1/4")


Apr. 21st, 2008

tank girl


Art Piracy (arrrgh!)

Note: partially re-posted from my personal blarg. Although not entirely about sculpture, intellectual property piracy affects all artists:
So you've probably heard about the movie & music piracy taking place in China (probably because the movie & music industries can afford to hire PR firms that get the word out). There is a much less well known form of thievery taking place in the Far East that should be broadcast via the most powerful and free (for now) tool that we artists have...the Internet.

First off, the gallery that I work at represents several sculptors whose artworks have been blatantly ripped-off by a network of national & international companies who dishonestly claim to sell original fine art. The sister of one of the artists has made it her mission to go after these crooks, so she started this website. You can see just how bad the knock-offs are when compared to the original, not to mention that the metal used to cast the copies is what is commonly referred to as "pot metal"...poor quality alloys of as cheap-as-possible metal.

The impetus for this post came from the website of illustrator Luc Latulippe. It describes his current experience of having his images ripped from an interview on his friend's blog. Once you're done reading it, you'll know what you can do to help...and you'll also understand my motivation.

Mar. 7th, 2008


Form follows function

When Laura and I started to remodel our kitchen last year, we always returned from the big home improvement stores sorely disappointed; either the product designs were poorly executed or the quality was crap. When the thought of a tile back-splash and accents came up, I instead turned to my drawing table and began piling up designs that I wanted to see realized and knocked out the first three in wax pretty quickly (not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I sculpted mine to the most popular commercially available size, 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"). I had really never given much thought to this market before and had no idea if there might be a demand, but when I debuted the final results in bronze at the last show I did, the reaction was overwhelming. I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

Here's the first, an Oriental poppy (I was still fixated on the new poppy garden I had just planted at the time and would lay out there in the dirt with my camera and calipers late into the evening, swatting at mosquitoes and making notes):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have two more finished tiles that I just need to get around to photographing; I'll try and post them over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, due to the interest level, I'm getting prepped to start sculpting the next few designs in between the other projects already underway on the old workbench. I'll post them here when they're done.

Feb. 6th, 2008


Richard Moore III

It's been way too long since I posted anything on LJ, here or even in my personal journal for that matter. As I ease back into the studio groove, I'll try and make more frequent updates here.

I saw Richard Moore's work for the first time a few years ago, and was blown away. He has the rare gift of both technical expertise and a vivid imagination, two of my favorite combinations. Give this amazing talent a visit, won't you? After the link is a little taste of what you might find...


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Oct. 14th, 2007



This is a dragon I made back in high school. It was my first sculpture in which I made out of clay and airbrushed myself.


Tell me what you think. These pictures are also posted on my journal.

Oct. 8th, 2007


Shiny and new

A letter opener, Swan Song, just finished in the studio. I've got more new work that will be finished this week, I'll post more here as I get them lit and photographed.

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Limited edition, hand-cast bronze with patina.

Sep. 19th, 2007



"Royalty in Exile"

'Royalty in Exile' (2007)

This is my latest sculpture, made for Strychnin Gallery London's grand opening show on 26th October. The show is called 'Kings and Queens and Childhood Dreams'.

Mild steel, cast aluminum, burnt copper, painted steel and found objects.

Jul. 18th, 2007


Tim Cherry

Hi gang! No, I've neither forgotten or abandoned this community; I've just been buried in the studio and haven't made the time for a proper post. In lieu of that, let me spotlight another sculptor whose work I truly admire:

Tim Cherry. I first became aware of his work when I was still a foundry slave in Loveland, CO., and immediately fell in love with the style and sense of whimsy inherent in his work. I've personally never much cared for most of the "animal" sculpture out there; frankly, most of it makes me retch with its forced cuteness and smarm, but under Tim's unique vision, I'm often blown away. You can read his bio and view more of his work here:


In the meantime, here's a sampling of his wares:

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Jun. 7th, 2007


Todd Kurtzman

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on the very unique style and original talent of Todd Kurtzman, currently based out of Portland, Oregon. My favorite work of his is in his self-coined "perspectivist" style, where he takes small scale sculptures and makes them look as if they were hundreds of feet in size (or could it be that they are normally sized and that we are tiny?). Whatever they are, I think they are extremely cool. It's nice to get slapped in the face occasionally by such original work; it keeps me from becoming too complacent in the studio and gently prods me to keep reaching higher with my own stuff.

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More at his website, here:


May. 11th, 2007


Ed Hlavka

I've been so busy in the studio lately (updates coming soon!), I haven't made the time to post anything. Part of the interest for me in maintaining this journal is the chance to turn some new friends on to some old friends and showcase some phenomenal talent in the process.

I met Ed sometime around '93 or '94, at the Loveland Sculpture Invitational in Colorado (our booths were right across from each other). I was just getting into working with bronze, but Ed was already a master. He was incredibly gracious to me and offered some wonderful advice, and I think I followed him around like a puppy for the duration of the show. It's wonderful to see how far he's come and that he is prosperous and thriving. Check out his website here: http://www.hlavka.com/index.php

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