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Ed Hlavka

I've been so busy in the studio lately (updates coming soon!), I haven't made the time to post anything. Part of the interest for me in maintaining this journal is the chance to turn some new friends on to some old friends and showcase some phenomenal talent in the process.

I met Ed sometime around '93 or '94, at the Loveland Sculpture Invitational in Colorado (our booths were right across from each other). I was just getting into working with bronze, but Ed was already a master. He was incredibly gracious to me and offered some wonderful advice, and I think I followed him around like a puppy for the duration of the show. It's wonderful to see how far he's come and that he is prosperous and thriving. Check out his website here: http://www.hlavka.com/index.php

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Very impressive work.
Yeah, the work just seems to flow from him like water, completely effortless. Makes me sick!
I've always really liked Ed's work.
I remember the stir that his anatomically correct Pan caused at the foundry. You'd think some of those people had never seen a huge erect phallus befo...oh wait, I don't think some of them ever had.

I really like his newer sculpture of the female painter. Of course a lot of the credit for that one also goes to Nathan Bennett, the patineur.
Ha-ha, yeah I remember the whole Pan ordeal. I thought it was awesome! Didn't that piece go to a gay bar in Denver? It was one of the few times I volunteered to help out in the patina room, simply so I could polish Pan's wanker... Remember the giant (and awful!) horse that Dave McGary (I feel soiled just saying his name) ran through? I clearly remember asking for a certain anatomical item that was a reject from wax pouring. When Justin walked by my desk one day and saw it glued on the wall above my work station, he pointed at it and asked, "Exactly what is THAT??!" To which I calmly replied, "Why, it's a horse cock, Justin." He quietly walked away and never mentioned it again. I seem to also remember having two large wax nipples sticky-waxed to my apron. Ah, good times...

Yeah, Ed's work is fucking sick. The Female Painter piece is amazing, the guy just continually blows me away. I remember after spending the weekend with him at the Loveland Invitational, he asked if he could sponsor me to some big Chicago show. I freaked out and told him I wasn't ready for anything like that, but am still honored to this day that he believed enough in me and my work enough to ask. To tell you the truth, I still don't know if I'm ready!

Okay, back to wax pouring...
bronze pour

March 2009

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