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faraonistudios in sculpturestudio

Todd Kurtzman

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on the very unique style and original talent of Todd Kurtzman, currently based out of Portland, Oregon. My favorite work of his is in his self-coined "perspectivist" style, where he takes small scale sculptures and makes them look as if they were hundreds of feet in size (or could it be that they are normally sized and that we are tiny?). Whatever they are, I think they are extremely cool. It's nice to get slapped in the face occasionally by such original work; it keeps me from becoming too complacent in the studio and gently prods me to keep reaching higher with my own stuff.

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More at his website, here:



I've liked his work since I first saw it. Todd is a nice guy too. He's shown @Sculpture in the Park for the past few years and has come over to Columbine for the after-parties.

I had never looked at his website before though. I would love to see the performance pieces!
Every once in a while I get excited about what's possible in this medium and Todd's work is definitely unique; give him my best next time you see him.
Very impressive stuff.
I've been out of town, relaxing at the Chesapeake Bay (and gathering inspiration), and have been happily unplugged from the internet. I am back now and checking in and saw your comment... His work is very cool, I love the forced perspective stuff. Hope all is well with you, Tim.
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